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Our Home Plan Packages

We offer a package of 6 full sets of plans as our "Six Set Pac". Everything is reproducible. Prints are on bond quality white paper.

We offer a package of two full plan sets as our "Two Set Pac". Everything is reproducible.
Prints are on bond quality white paper.

We offer our plan in a PDF Format. This convenient electronic format will allow you to have fresh copies as you need them, and to send copies to contractors, subcontractors, and suppliers without incurring the high cost of paper copies and shipping. High quality paper print services are available in most locations. If you need full size prints, just email your files to the print service, and pick up your copies when they are ready.

We offer a study plan. A Study plan is a complete set of drawings labeled Not For Construction. This can be an invaluable tool if you want us to modify a plan for you. The cost of your Study Plan will be applied to the purchase of your construction drawings. We want to be sure that you have the right plan. If, after reviewing your study plan, you decide that a different design is a better choice, we will apply the cost of the study plan to your purchase of the new design.

Custom Modifications are an option for any plan that has been purchased. We understand that your needs may require special attention. Your house is a special project. We look forward to making it everything it should be. Visit the customization page to get an overview of the plan modification process. We strive to do your customized work for a great price. You will know all of your design cost up front, and will have the opportunity to approve your modifications before they are committed to the construction drawings

Contact us with questions about your project. We want your new house to be as good as it can be.

CAD Format is available as dwg and vcd. 
Call for details regarding your platform and pricing.

All Hard Copy Sets include the plan in PDF Format. PDF Formats will be sent electronically to your email address, and are available on CD as well. Hard copy sets are sent via UPS or Federal Express.

Each plan set consists of

  • All elevations in quarter inch scale.
  • Foundation plans in quarter inch scale.
  • Basement plans (when used) in quarter inch scale.
  • Fully dimensioned floor plans for each level calling out :
Window Units
Door Units
Structural beams and columns
Floor Coverings
Kitchen design
Built Ins
Ceiling Height Changes
Joist directions
Egress and saftey requirements
Plumbing fixtures
Deck and Porch design
Closet Details
All other significant plan details

  • Floor joist plans
  • Ceiling Joist plans
  • Entertainment Centers
  • Patios Drive Aprons
  • Electrical Plans
  • Roof Plans
  • Specific Structural Sections
  • Load bearing path indicators
  • Generic section page

Each plan set generally consists of seven to twelve 24" x 36" sheets, and is designed to supply a professional contractor with all the information he needs to build the structure. All plans are prepared with submission for construction permitting in mind.

Construction Ready Plans are seven to twelve 24" x 36" pages

Plan Pages of a Silverwood Green House Design
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