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Green Building

Green Building has become a term used by builders, retailers, politicians, and regulators during the past decade. We all have a feeling for what it means, but an iron clad definition remains illusive. Generally, we want to live in a manner that will allow the planet to sustain itself at least in its present condition, and hopefully allow for environmental improvement over time.  For Silverwood Design Green Building means making each residence as energy efficient as possible. The electrical power and fossil fuels that our homes use on a non stop basis represent a burden on the environment that is recurrent and ever more costly in dollars and environmental impact.

When it comes to choosing an individual product, we like to think that green means that raw materials used will replace themselves during the useful life of the finished product. Our home plans are the product of efforts made by discriminating clients and a thoughtful design team.

If you have a question that you think a green professional may have an answer to, try . This is the USGBC forum that puts design professionals in touch with indiviudals. Or drop us a line at Silverwood Design from the Contact Us Page, and we will be happy to throw in our two cents !

This home has a HERS rating of 49 !

Check out Solar Energy For Homes. An informative website with numerous links to Green products.
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