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Energy  Efficient Craftsman Home Plans by Silverwood 

Craftsman Custom House Plan Modifications

We understand that every home owner has a unique life style and that changes and adjustments to the plans for a new house might be required in order for it to be perfect. If you find that one of our plans is "close", but that it needs modification, or if you find part of one house plan that would work well with part of another home plan, let us know ! We will make custom plan changes that will result in a new design that works. Energy efficiency does not need to be sacrificed in order to make your home plan unique.

There may be characteristics that are unique to your land that require adjustments to the plans. We are good at working from surveys, topo maps, and photographs. If you can communicate your needs, we can propose solutions. Adapting a plan to properly orient it for solar is a common request. Overhang length for energy and comfort efficiency will be specified on your plan. Balancing energy efficiency and aesthetic view is a commonly addressed issue. 

A typical path for making a house plan custom would be to review an existing plan from the graphics on line, or order a Study Plan for the design you like. Contact us to talk about the feasibility of your changes.  If it looks like we have a solution to your issues, we will give you a price for the modifications we decide on up front. At that point, we require that you purchase the "base plan" in pdf format. The changes will be made, and you will be given the opportunity to review them and refine them via pdf communications. When the changes are complete, you will be charged for the additional work as per our pre-arrangement. Construction drawings will be completed, and your customized plan package will be delivered via the format you choose. If you choose a printed format as your final product, the additional cost as shown in the web site for printing will be added in. If you have purchased a study plan for a Silverwood Craftsman Style Contemporary House, even though it may not have been the "base plan", the cost of the study plan will be deducted from your final charges.

We make  custom plans into custom homes for people

House plans are highly detailed in 9 to 12 pages

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