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Energy  Efficient Craftsman Home Plans by Silverwood 

In order to create our

Energy Efficient House Plans                                       

Silverwood relies on a variety of information sources, consultants, and suppliers. Below are a few links to some of these resources.

Southern Energy ManagementSouthern Energy Management
Southern Energy Management is a North Carolina-based sustainable energy company serving the Southeast with energy efficiency and solar power for home owners, residential and commercial builders, companies, non-profits, and government clients.Our ultimate goal is to make it as easy as possible for everyone to invest in sustainable energy solutions for a better future.

The Green Home Guide

An open forum where construction professionals will answer your questions and supply advice about energy efficient building methods. Sponsored by USGBC.

Directories and ReferencesSilverwood Design is listed in a number of directories with businesses working in related fields.

N.C. Solar Center                                    Visit the Solar Center Home Page
Visit Energy Star Home Page
LEED Professional Directory
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