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Energy  Efficient Craftsman Home Plans by Silverwood 

Craftsman Style House Plans from Silverwood Design

Craftsman Style house plans  that have been refined for passive solar characteristics and energy efficiency are produced and sold by Silverwood Design. Our Plans are complete and fully detailed. You will have what you need to build your new house. See the Plan Package page to see what you will receive.

  Day lighting the Living Room We focus on green building methods using sustainable materials when developing every house plan.  

Some of our home plans include options for photovoltaic power generation  and active solar hot water. 

Silverwood Design is not a plan wholesaler. You are buying your house plan directly from the source. Silverwood design has been directly involved in construction of each of the plans on this site. Browse our site and find a craftsman house plan that fits your location and lifestyle. Custom design may be critical in order for a home plan to fit your specific needs. We look forward to hearing what those needs are, and have the expertise to customize a design so that it will work for you and your land. Energy Efficient Active SolarActive solar hardware systems are optional features. They do not need to be installed for a plan to be super efficient.   

All Drawings are contractor ready and contain the structural detail necessary to insure a smooth building and permitting process.
Study Plans are available, and can serve as worksheets for your ideas. 
Contact us with questions or ideas you may have.    
 Your new craftsman house plan should be everything you expect it to be ! Energy Efficiency is yours in a new home designed by Silverwood.
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